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Our Services

Residential and Commercial packages available 

Guttering servicing & repair

Specialist render & external cleaning

Professional pressure washing

Cleaning & removing leaves, plants, moss & debris from your guttering.



Our gutter cleaning services uses ground level cleaning equipment along with a wireless inspection camera and monitor that allows us to safely remove all vegetation & debris from your gutters.



Unique EHC can carry out gutter cleaning on high-rise commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial units; giving you piece of mind that your business can operate without the unnecessary disruption caused by water ingress.

Whether you have K-Rend, Sto-Rend, Weber, Parex render, or even cement render or pebble dash, Unique EHC can gently remove the contamination present on the exterior of your property or building.


By using a non-aggressive render cleaning method, effectively remove the unattractive black, green and red streaks and stains from your exterior walls and elevations, while critically removing the infection. This cleansing effect ensures longer lasting results.


Would your property benefit from a deep clean that effectively treats and removes algae, bacteria & lichen

There are many benefits to using power washing services. 

Power washing is the number one way to take the best care of the outside of your property as you do of the inside. It is an important part of property maintenance, transforming weathered looking exteriors quickly and easily.


To make sure that it is does properly, it is important to rely on experts with power washing experience.

Professional pressure washing by Unique EHC can make your home or business look fabulous.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Exterior painting & decorating

Chemical cleaning & weather shielding

It is important to keep the exteriors in top shape as it gets the maximum wear and tear from the weather conditions. Our exterior painting services will include:


  • Exterior decorating

  • Damp proofing

  • Window painting

  • Fence and deck painting

  • Varnishing


We strive hard to provide our customers with good quality exterior painting services that enhance the overall appeal of the property. Your property will look fresh and aesthetically appealing.

Solar panel cleaning

Storm checks

Drone inspection

Chemical cleaning is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialised solutions (typically bleach, water, and sometimes a surfactant) to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from your homes render.

Chemical cleaning is a long term clean so there will be no need to re apply this annually – surfaces are protected for years to come and it saves many of our clients huge finances that would be spent in re-painting and redecoration costs.

Weather Shielding

Unique Exterior Homecare can supply and apply weather shielding for all kinds of exposed masonry and brickwork.

Using traditional methods to get the best results, no streaks or water spots on your windows,


We clean by using old fashion soap and squeegee to make sure glass surfaces are clear and sparkling.


Using ladders to get close up to the the job at hand. Controlling the mess and leaving the window’s perfectly clean every time.

Cleaning solar panels will make sure they’re generating as much energy as possible.


Dirt and lichen buildup on solar panels will prevent the solar panels from capturing sunlight.


Unique Exterior Homecare professional cleaners have the correct equipment and knowledge to safely clean away this grime and dirt.

Plus, the better condition of the solar panels, the longer they will to last.

We offer residential and commercial sola panel cleaning services.

Exterior damage to your home is more common than most people think. What seems like a minor thing can actually form into a major issue down the road.


Minor cracks in your roof can lead to leaks, molding, and higher energy costs. Small dents, soft spots, and loose shingles create a weak roof. And tiny debris and cracks in your gutters can cause clogs, ice dams, and even allow water into your property.


Unique Exterior Homecare offer property inspection as part of our Homecare package we will identify these risks at an early stage so that you are not left feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what actions to take next.

The key benefit of using a drone for inspection is the ability to ‘see’ a structure up close without the need for human access. 


A drone survey may reveal damage to a roof, chimney or guttering. 

Drone surveys can also be useful in insurance claims. If you have clear evidence that your roof was in a good state of repair before a storm, an insurance company can’t put your claim down to ‘wear and tear’ as they often try to.


If you need to gather evidence to submit an insurance claim, aerial photographs are perfect.

Your property is our business
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